Overeating after quit smoking

Drogadicción, tabaquismo, alcoholismo

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Re: Overeating after quit smoking

Nota 13 Oct 2017

Johneames escribió:Hello,

Before I quit smoking I weighed in at 130 pounds. Since I quit, I've gained 32 pounds. I have never eaten so much junk in my life. Sometimes I'm not even Hungry, just bored and I eat. I am eating more chocolate then usual. I cannot seem to have the self control to stop. I need help. I haven't exercised either (I used to all the time) but since I quit I've had a lot of shortness of breath and it has freaked me out to the point of being afraid to workout. Please help me. I need advice. I'm tired of gaining weight and being depressed

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need some type of medication, relaxing or anxiolytic

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